DiscoverYour Money, Your Wealth“Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?” - 418
“Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?” - 418

“Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?” - 418

Update: 2023-02-28


If you’ve got some retirement savings but can’t contribute any more, will you ever be able to retire? Joe and Big Al have three simple strategies to help you get there. Plus, how long does it take to get off of Medicare’s income-related monthly adjustment amount, or IRMAA, after your income decreases at retirement, and how do you take unknown future IRMAA income limits into account when setting up your financial plan? Can you “re-do” Social Security and stop taking benefits after claiming Social Security early? Do spousal benefits change after one spouse files for Social Security? And finally, the fellas address a few corrections they’ve received recently regarding Medicare and safe harbor 401(k) plans. What exactly is “top-heavy” anyway?


  • 00:00 - Intro
  • 01:02 - Will I Ever Be Able to Retire? I Have Some Savings But Can’t Contribute More (Patty, NY)
  • 06:38 - Retired, Income Dropped, Enrolled in Medicare. How Long to Get Off IRMAA? (Randy, Hb, Ca)
  • 08:05 - How to Plan for Unknown Future Medicare IRMAA Income Limits?
  • 10:53 - “Re-Doing” Social Security: Can You Stop Taking Benefits After Claiming Early? (Lauris, Volcano, Hawaii)
  • 12:39 - Will Spousal Social Security Benefit Amounts Change When One Spouse Files? (Philip, Los Angeles)
  • 15:09 - SECURE 2.0: When Must You Pay Taxes on Company Match Retirement Contributions? (Jim, Dallas, TX)
  • 19:47 - CORRECTION: ACP Test for Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans, After-Tax Contributions (Debra, St Louis)
  • 25:08 - CORRECTION - Medicare Test: Creditable Drug Coverage (Steve, Las Vegas)
  • 28:56 - DUKE’s Medicare Enrollment Experience (DUKE (John Wayne), Knoxville, TN)
  • 32:54 - The Derails

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“Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?” - 418

“Will I Ever Be Able to Retire?” - 418

Joe Anderson, CFP® & Alan Clopine, CPA