DiscoverThe Baller on a Budget(#2) How I Negotiated My New Car Under MSRP
(#2) How I Negotiated My New Car Under MSRP

(#2) How I Negotiated My New Car Under MSRP

Update: 2020-12-28


It can be extremely inconvenient when your car reaches the end of its life, but having to buy a new one is even more stressful. This month, my car finally went out, and I had to get a new one. But I was able to negotiate with a few dealerships and walk away with the exact car I wanted at a price I was happy with!

Many people feel intimidated by the salespeople at car dealerships, so in this episode, I'm sharing my 10 best tips on negotiating the best deal for a new car. As a former car salesperson, Realtor, and simply having a background in sales and retail, I hope this episode helps you feel more confident when it's your time to negotiate for a new car.

In This Episode:

My buyer's remorse (1:32 )

Why I bought a Kia K5 (3:53

Why I bought a new car quicker than I expected (5:12 )

10 Tips For Negotiating the Best Deal on a New Car: 

Tip #1: Plan Ahead (7:17 )

Tip #2: Save as Much as Possible, and Then Save Some More (9:15 )

Tip #3: Do Your Research (10:47 )

Tip #4: Consider Buying During Certain Times of the Year (13:15 )

Tip #5: Test Drive Like a Race Car Driver (15:02 )

Tip #6: Negotiate From Home Before Going to the Dealership (18:02 )

Tip #7: Do Your Own Math (28:16 )

Tip #8: Shop Around For Better Car Loans (30:08 )

Tip #9: Consider the Extra Expenses (30:58 )

Tip #10: Determine Your Car's Trade-In Value (34:59 )

Check out my latest blog post featuring all of this information so you can bookmark or pin it on Pinterest for future reference:

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(#2) How I Negotiated My New Car Under MSRP

(#2) How I Negotiated My New Car Under MSRP

Aileen Luib