DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP10) Live in Flow | Poonacha the Warrior Monk
(EP10) Live in Flow | Poonacha the Warrior Monk

(EP10) Live in Flow | Poonacha the Warrior Monk

Update: 2019-07-22


How can we live in infinite joy? That is the question Poonacha asks us to answer with the way we live our lives. Poonacha Machaiah has collaborated extensively with Deepak Chopra in their shared mission of personal transformation and societal wellbeing. Poonacha serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, as Co-Founder of the Conscious Leadership Global initiative, and as Co-Founder and CEO of Jiyo, a global wellbeing digital platform. 


Today’s grounding and enlightening episode includes:

  • Resiliency is embodying the principles of both a warrior and a monk; being ruthless in achieving your goals, while spreading peace to those you enroll along the way
  • The nature of reality, and how its infinite possibilities are limited by “comparing and conforming”
  • What is joy? A state of blissful flow
  • Our modern quest to find communities
  • The 10 foundational principles of well-being
  • The Trust Formula, and how it relates to Poonacha’s experience with Navy SEALs
  • And, what is Poonacha’s Moonshot now?


Connect with Poonacha on his website, or on: 

Instagram @poonacha, Twitter @_poonacha_, Facebook @poonacha, or Medium @poonacha.


Episode References:


The Chopra Center

(Not mentioned, but; check out Jiyo, the personal wellbeing companion app!)


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(EP10) Live in Flow | Poonacha the Warrior Monk

(EP10) Live in Flow | Poonacha the Warrior Monk