DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP17) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 3 (YouTube Edition)
(EP17) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 3 (YouTube Edition)

(EP17) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 3 (YouTube Edition)

Update: 2019-09-10


“Your life is your biggest mentor. Life never stops teaching; it is we [who] stop learning.”

Back by popular demand, another AMA episode with billionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Naveen Jain. 


The questions you’ll hear answered in this episode:


1:38 - What is Naveen’s favorite book?

Ceni963 on Youtube

3:38 - How to find, choose, and work with mentors as you scale your business

Oli Gilpin on YouTube (1st Q)

5:19 - Do you have to surround yourself with “successful” people (irl) to become successful?


6:30 - How to find a CEO to lead your company, and how that handover can work best

Oli Gilpin (2nd Q)

8:41 - How to decide on equity splits with employees (and details about “non-qualified” vs founder shares vs ISO shares)

Oli Gilpin (3rd Q)

13:03 - What does Naveen think about a circular business model?

Malcolm McCorkle on YouTube


Episode References:

Some of Naveen’s favorite books:

How Will You Measure Your Life | Clayton Christianson

The Brain That Changes Itself | Norman Doidge

Homo Deus, Sapiens, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century | Yuval Noah Harari 


Every question for this episode was chosen from comments on the Moonshots playlist of Naveen’s YouTube channel, where you can watch the video version of every episode! 

Remember to ask your own questions there; Naveen loves answering them.


Connect with Naveen on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @naveenjainceo. You can check out his YouTube channel and website, too!


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(EP17) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 3 (YouTube Edition)

(EP17) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 3 (YouTube Edition)