DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP18) Moonshots Minisode: Best Advice
(EP18) Moonshots Minisode: Best Advice

(EP18) Moonshots Minisode: Best Advice

Update: 2019-09-16


“Ideas are only worth [something] when someone actually goes out and makes them happen… and those are the great people we call entrepreneurs.”


In this episode, hear some of the BEST ADVICE from Moonshots thus far:

  • Naveen answers: Who is considered SUCCESSFUL, and how can you learn from those people?

AMA Round 1 (EP03) 

  • Dave Asprey’s SURPRISING rule for how to create a massively disruptive company

Dave Asprey (EP05) 

  • One of the most important + overlooked aspects of GOAL SETTING

Cesar Amaral (EP06)

  • Two tips to take control back from ANXIETY or depression

Mark Metry (EP13)

  • There is a season for everything; it is okay for a crop to REST, to later grow bountifully 

Chalene Johnson (EP11)

  • Poonacha the Warrior Monk defines RESILIENCY from a balanced perspective

Poonacha Machaiah (EP10)

  • Rajshree leads Naveen (and us!) through a brief guided BREATHING experience

Rajshree Patel (EP14)

  • Naveen speaks to those who are trying hard to share their great idea and NOT seeing results

AMA Round 2 (EP08)

Do you like this episode? What’s some of the best advice from the show thus far that we didn’t include? Let us know in the comments over on YouTube!

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(EP18) Moonshots Minisode: Best Advice

(EP18) Moonshots Minisode: Best Advice