DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP19) Become Your Own Advocate | Elissa Fisher Harris
(EP19) Become Your Own Advocate | Elissa Fisher Harris

(EP19) Become Your Own Advocate | Elissa Fisher Harris

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“The sheer fact ... that I exist means that I matter.” - Elissa Fisher Harris on Ikigai


After growing up in an unsupportive household, and as a transient homeless young girl, Elissa knew that putting herself through school was her way to find a community. At age 13, her aunt gave Elissa her first experience of home. 

After being turned away by traditional medicine during her own health crisis, Elissa found holistic medicine out of a need to heal her body. 

Flash forward to today: she’s a lauded well-being and social impact strategist who serves as Partner and Chief Impact Officer of 5th Element Group.

And now, she's pursuing her TWO Moonshots with full energy, clear intention, and a brave and devoted heart.

  • There’s a difference between ego and self-esteem. Many people are confused about what true self love is
  • Your job is not knowing what others think of you; it’s knowing who you truly are
  • Become your own advocate. Trust your body; listen to your gut. Invest in your wellness today, rather than your illness tomorrow
  • The impact company she works with, 5th Element Group, focuses on practical optimism for sustainability: finding resilient technologies and helping them grow through partnerships. They call them “Omni-wins” — wins for everyone involved


Elissa’s advice: Seek an integrative doctor. If that’s not accessible for you, learn from thought leaders like Mark Hyman and Frank Lipman about holistic medicine.


Episode References:


Nieper Theory: Hans Nieper predicted that modern medicine will implode itself, and be replaced with a more traditional, individualized kind of care 

Mark Hyman 

Frank Lipman

Resilient Child Theory

Imposter Syndrome

Genova Diagnostics (Labs): Diagnostic Laboratory Testing for Wellness & Preventive Medicine 


Find out more about 5th Element Group: the impact amplifier that’s making the UN Sustainable Development Goals a reality by partnering with social impact-motivated community investors, brands, leaders, and NGOs.

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(EP19) Become Your Own Advocate | Elissa Fisher Harris

(EP19) Become Your Own Advocate | Elissa Fisher Harris