DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP25) The 7 Dimensions of Health with Reena Jadhav
(EP25) The 7 Dimensions of Health with Reena Jadhav

(EP25) The 7 Dimensions of Health with Reena Jadhav

Update: 2019-11-053


“We have to LIGHT health, and disease will disappear.” — Reena Jadhav


Reena Jadhav’s Moonshot is to end chronic disease, once and for all. She’s the fabulous founder of, a non-profit that’s created the first social media platform specifically for sharing about your health journey.

Though she’s the picture of health today, Reena is no stranger to disease. In September of 2016, Reena’s life fell apart from a critical illness. Along her intensive healing journey, she discovered it was from severe mitochondrial dysfunction.


Today Reena shares:

  • The 7 dimensions of health, organized in a pyramid—the most important dimensions are at the base
  • How we’ve confused our genuine need for nutrients with our “need” for dieting
  • The Louise Hay promise you can use to start your morning in a space of self-love
  • The natural way to detox... WITHOUT adding additional chemicals to do it


Episode References:

Free wellness resources from Healcircle, including the e-book Reena mentioned

Brahma-muhurata: the ideal time to arise, via Ayurvedic traditions

Sun Salutation

The benefits of grounding ( article)


Connect with Reena on Instagram @healthyreena, Twitter @reenajadhav, LinkedIn, and Facebook @healthierwithreena.

And be sure to check out HealCircle; go to for fantastic wellness content, and to join this healthy social media movement.


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(EP25) The 7 Dimensions of Health with Reena Jadhav

(EP25) The 7 Dimensions of Health with Reena Jadhav