DiscoverMoonshots with Naveen Jain(EP26) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 5
(EP26) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 5

(EP26) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 5

Update: 2019-11-121


The episode you’ve been waiting for… Naveen Jain answers your latest #AMA questions! Make sure to submit YOURS on YouTube (comment on any video on the Moonshots playlist) or Instagram (comment on any Moonshots post).


The questions you’ll hear answered in this episode:

1:36 - How to create new ideas for starting a new business, and how to win in a competitive market

S MAITY on Youtube

3:40 - I have so many ideas and passions, but how I decide which to choose? Please help me. I need freedom from my mind and everything

@yatindahiyaSir on IG

5:46 - What would you say to people who do their work just to get it over with? Who are “living for the weekend”?


11:09 - How can a new entrepreneur determine how much equity each employee merits? Or, does this information already exist in a course you know of?

Oli Gilpin on YouTube

14:04 - Why do you think its necessary for humans to go populate space now?

@Houseofhellshire on IG

16:26 - What concrete steps does one take to develop an abundance mindset?  

doigster1002 on YouTube


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(EP26) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 5

(EP26) Naveen Jain: AMA Round 5