DiscoverOver the Counter(Season 1, Ep. 15): Honesty Pays
(Season 1,  Ep. 15): Honesty Pays

(Season 1, Ep. 15): Honesty Pays

Update: 2019-10-11


Sometimes the jewelry customers most want, or have even dreamed about for years, simply isn't right for them. Owing to our professional expertise, many jewelers know when this is the case. But, as often as not, customers don't.
Whether it's a hue that doesn't match a woman's coloring, a design too gaudy for her personality, or a gemstone too large or small for the wearer's proportions, jewelers can typically sense when something is or isn't right for a client. Of course, no jeweler ever enjoys telling someone that the item they covet will make them look awful.
However, when you're seeking to create lifetime customers, it pays to be honest — albeit as tactfully as you can.
In this episode of Over the Counter, host Kyle Bullock tells the story of Denise Oros of Linnea Jewelers in LaGrange, IL, and what Denise did when a customer entered her store an asked for a very expensive item that simply wasn't right for her.
Enjoy the episode.
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(Season 1,  Ep. 15): Honesty Pays

(Season 1, Ep. 15): Honesty Pays

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