0.5 Trailer!

0.5 Trailer!

Update: 2020-09-06


Just over a week to go before we go live with the podcast and I am ridiculously excited. This trailer tells you what you can expect from the show and how you can get involved.

For accessibility reasons, where I can, I will be putting scripts and stuff in these show notes. I am passionate about paying people for their labour so will not be able to get transcription done for whole episodes for now.

Follow us on @dickensandquips on Twitter and Insta for more updates and if you want to get in touch, email is dickensandquips@gmail.com


Hello, hello and welcome to Dickens and Quips, the podcast that takes the Poe faced out of poetry. I’m your host, Dee Dickens and I invite you to wander round the world of the written word with me while I show you that poetry isn’t all old or dead white men.

I’m here to give room for marginalised voices to speak and will be doing so weekly, with the help of a guest poet. You won’t have heard of most of them, but that is the point. There is a universe of amazing poets out there being actual superheroes and I will be helping them fly into your lives.

Each week I will be telling you about a poetry collection I’ve had my nose in and reading you my favourite from it. There will be a chance for you to hear writing from guests along with their favourites poems too.

Lines that make you go OOOOOH is pretty self explanatory really. There are lines that hit you right in the feels and make you wish you had written them. I will be sharing a new one each week.

There will also be a weekly prompt where you can join in the fun and you don’t have to think of yourself as a poet to do so. My favourite each week will be read out too.

First episode will be on the 14th of September with poet Sam Tate and I will be reading from the collection My Darling from the Lions by Rachel Long. Going to be amazing so don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on Twitter and Insta. We’re @dickensandquips on both.

Have a great week and try to make good choices. If you can’t, well, that’s what writing poetry is for.









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0.5 Trailer!

0.5 Trailer!