DiscoverShades of Strong | Shifting the Strong Black Woman Narrative009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown
009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown

009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown

Update: 2018-07-23



Episode 009 of Get Naked LIVE features Adelai Brown, Heart Coach, Speaker and Mentor.  In this episode Adelai paints a very vivid picture of how ditching the mask and coming out of hiding saved her life.  She speaks candidly about how she had to overcome the pressure to be impenetrable and secretive about her life. She takes a deep dive into how black women unknowingly nurture humanity without caring for themselves, and in many cases, without allowing themselves to be cared for.


In this episode we get an inside look at a courageous woman ditching the mask and finally coming out of hiding


Growing up with a single mom, Adelai found herself tied up and bound up in emotional turmoil.  Growing up without a father meant growing up in a toxic environment for her.  After years of the toxicity and fighting desperately to be STRONG in the midst of LIFE HAPPENING, she finally  surrendered to being vulnerable and renewed here relationship with God on a more intimate level.

Some of the episode's defining moments include:

* Growing up in a single parent home and how that impacted her emotionally

* The challenges of being a teen parent and feeling unworthy of God’s love

* How she had to get emotionally naked before herself and before God

* How she overcame church judgment and church hurt after getting pregnant out of wedlock

* How she's helping women get to the HEART of the guilt and shame that often wreaks havoc on their lives

* How the church can help women embrace their vulnerabilities instead of running from the pain



Adelai Brown is a Heart Coach, speaker and mentor who focuses on emotional wellness and personal growth. She uses her skills to teach, encourage and inspire others to confront matters of the heart and live authentically on purpose. After overcoming depression, teenage pregnancy, and domestic violence she has devoted her life to helping others heal insecurities, and begin to live effective lives by cultivating their inherent greatness.

Adelai is the founder of Heart  Connections, a christian personal development company based in Charleston, South Carolina. She is an author and has self published three books, including the recently released Help! Save Me From My Broken Heart: Your Journey to Living and Loving Again.

Adelai has written and hosted multiple adult and youth workshops, retreats and summits, which have helped thousands overcome difficulties in life and learn practical ways to live triumphantly. In addition, she is also the co founder of The Village Mentoring, a program that works with youth, their families, and the community.

Adelai lives in Charleston SC with her husband Kevin. They have 4 children and 2 cats.

You can find Adelai in the following online spaces:


Facebook: Heart Connections

Instagram:  @theheartconnections

Adelai's MOST Quotable Moment:

"When you're holding yourself in contempt, it's easy to hold others there as well."

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009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown

009: Ditching the Mask and Coming out of Hiding w/Adelai Brown

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