DiscoverVirtuality Podcast#009 - Hugh Handcock - Left Hand Path - Virtuality Podcast
#009 - Hugh Handcock - Left Hand Path - Virtuality Podcast

#009 - Hugh Handcock - Left Hand Path - Virtuality Podcast

Update: 2017-11-22


We invited Hugh Hancock, founder of and the person who coined the term of the art form “Machinima”. We discuss how Machinima’s early days relate closely to the VR medium today. Hugh’s background in film feature itself in the story and presentation of Strange Companies premiere VR title “Left-Hand Path” which released on steam November 10th. It is one of few experiences featuring over 15 hours of content. We go into the game’s mechanics before wrapping up with a brief discussion of motion capture and the state of the VR market for indies.

0’00": Summary

1’00": Hello

2’00": Machinima vs : What's Machinima?

5'15": What did Machinima mean to film and creators when it started?

11'48": When was it apparent Machinima was a new medium for film?

14'25": Video streaming before YouTube

16'15": The Server Froze

18'25": Limits of technology in 1996 for machinima

23'00": How did manage the actors/cast?

27'45": Legal Barriers to Machinima

36'00": How long would Bloodspell take today?

37'50": VR as a new medium for film

40'00": Avatar “technically machinima”:clarifying Hugh’s definition for Machinima

43'00": VR makes it easer to produce

46'00": Left Hand Path

51'10": “This game is designed to make you feel like a scared, fragile, human”

52'40": Casting spells like you're a wizard

56'25": Husk mechanic

57'45": Latest monsters

59'45": Types of spells

61'20": Lovecraftian influence

62'20": What’s next for Left Hand Path?

63'00": What’s after Left Hand Path?

64'22": What’s the limit of tech now?

68'40": Motion Capture systems: NVN, Neuron Perception, Rokoko,Hi5 Glove

80'20": Left-Hand Path and how indie devs are more accessible than their AAA counter parts.

80'22": Flight sims and training

88'10": The indie difficulty of content discovery and marketing in VR

91'50": Will we miss the Minecraft of VR?

Show notes: Left-Hand Path:

Hugh’s company website:

Hugh’s twitter:

Links mentioned: BloodSpell:

Eschaton Nightfall: Not currently available online.

Darkening Twilight: (Part1)

Death Knight Love Story:

Hardly Workin' :

Male Restroom Etiquette:

The machinima piece Craig worked on: Operation Burning Sands Part 1:

BF2 Mine video mentioned by Craig:



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Craig Herndon

Produced by Jason Parks

Music by Rachel Dziezynski

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#009 - Hugh Handcock - Left Hand Path - Virtuality Podcast

#009 - Hugh Handcock - Left Hand Path - Virtuality Podcast