DiscoverLevel Up! Your Business, Life & Mind01 - INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT LEE - Founder & Director of The Unspoken Pitch
01 - INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT LEE - Founder & Director of The Unspoken Pitch

01 - INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT LEE - Founder & Director of The Unspoken Pitch

Update: 2019-08-25


Scott Lee is the Founder of The Unspoken Pitch, he has built a career around informing, innovating, and presenting complex data with clarity; connecting customers with brands through visual storytelling. Taking the complex or boring and turning it into a visual format which communicates your message quickly.

Entering the business environment from an Architecture & Design background, it was clear that industry trade shows were filled with revolutionary ideas that fell short due to lackluster presentation.

In less than a decade, Scott has proven that effective and engaging visual multimedia storytelling can close the deal faster than you thought possible by helping brands communicate their message to their target marketing effectively.

Having partnered with high profile clients including McDonald’s, Ramsay, Veeva, and others, Scott’s initiative and love for design has lead to marketing assets generating millions of dollars in sales.

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About Rodrigo Flamenco:

Rodrigo flamenco started in a third world Country called El Salvador in Central America with no idea how to do businesses earning $600 a month on an IT job while on a $20K+ debt. After taking a couple of courses he decided to start his own business called Epic Web Studio, which ended working with many big international brands and over 18+ countries all over the world.

Then an opportunity arrived to start a new business and for 2 years, without a website or even a name, that business won two $30K projects, one $55K project and connected with many of the top professionals and business and founders in the industry of animation. That business is now Frame Freak Studio which is his 100% focus. Now he helps other business (specially tech startups) to get better results through animations and helping professionals in the animation industry through teaching marketing.

About Level Up! Your Business, Life & Mind:

Level Up! is a series of interviews featuring successful professionals from all over the world who are making a mark in their lives and others and finding out how they did it so you can learn from the very best. Our interviews will be focused on finding out their principles, strategies, mindsets, habits and tools that you can use and implement in your business, life and mind to get to the next level of your goals.

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01 - INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT LEE - Founder & Director of The Unspoken Pitch

01 - INTERVIEW WITH SCOTT LEE - Founder & Director of The Unspoken Pitch

Rodrigo Flamenco