010 - Demystifying Death

010 - Demystifying Death

Update: 2019-05-24


Have you ever feared death?

Today, I sit down with Jerome Braggs, we had an epic conversation and this was an epic episode because Jerome was so kind to open himself with Beyond Blindness and talked to us about his experience of going in to the hospital, thinking that he had the flu, when actually all of his organs were paralyzed and he was given a prognosis of seven days to live.

Amazingly enough, Jerome was able to get out of this situation, but he was back in to the hospital with the same prognosis and he passed away on to the other side.

I want to open myself to you and be vulnerable and tell you, that when I went blind, I was petrified, I felt so much pain, I started searching for answers, I started reading and I wanted to know what people felt when they passed away to what we know as “death”, so I thought if I’m feeling this much pain, what is death going to look like? I came across amazing books like, Anita Morjani “Dying to be Me” and Dr. Evan Alexander III, a neurosurgeon that passed away to the other side, and all of these stories sent me a message of love and that’s what I want you to get from this episode, that is why I brought Jerome so sit tight and enjoy.

On this episode we are going to learn three things:

  1. The importance of taking care of your life force.
  2. The importance of loving yourself, accepting yourself as you are and living life to it’s fullest.
  3. The amazingness of reuniting with the soul is that it feels like love, bliss, acceptance like everything has been well, everything is well and everything will be well, and the feeling of eternal love.
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010 - Demystifying Death

010 - Demystifying Death