DiscoverTaylorFit Wellness013 Christian Ramirez - Water
013 Christian Ramirez - Water

013 Christian Ramirez - Water

Update: 2020-09-24


00:00:37 Meet Christian Ramirez

00:01:50 The Importance of Water

00:02:15 There Is A Difference Between Quality Water And Tap Water

00:03:30 Fluoride Is Beneficial When Allpied Topically To The Teeth

00:06:22 Pharmaceutical Run Off In Our Water

00:08:00 Re-Mineralizing Water

00:08:22 Adding Celtic Sea Salt To Your Water

00:13:00 Simple Hydration Trick

00:13:58 Different Types Of Water And Where Does It Go?

00:14:35 Pure Mineralized Water

00:14:48 Guy Voyer

00:15:40 Medical Residency Using Water As A Treatment Tool

00:15:50 Pathway Of Pure Mineralized Water In The Body

00:16:55 "The Outside Water"

00:18:05 The Sodium Potassium Pump

00:19:10 "The Hidden Message In Water" by Masaru Emoto

00:21:43 Emotional Release With Massage

00:23:01 Eknath Easwaran

00:24:23 How Much Water Should You Drink?

00:25:32 When Should You Drink Water?

00:28:20 Great Tips From Actor Jason Lee

00:29:50 Mineral Content for Specific Goals

00:33:00 Can Your Regional Water Make You More Beautiful?

00:33:18 Water With Lithium and Lower Rates Of Suicide

00:33:42 When 7UP had Lithium in It

00:34:04 When Coca Cola Had Cocaine In It

00:35:15 Kevin Kelly Make Your Own Mineral Water

00:36:20 The Two Different Dixie Cup Stories

00:36:42 The Dixie Cup Syndrome

00:37:30 Dixie Cup Shooters (Water, not Booze)

00:38:15 Ayurvedic Viewpoint on Water Consumption From Mukunda Stiles

00:38:35 Practical Tip For Water Intake

00:39:05 Have Half Of Your Water By Noon

00:39:35 When You Feel Thirsty ... It's Too Late

00:39:47 Thirst Can Be Mistaken For Hunger

00:41:00 Gerald Pollack's The First Phase Of Water

00:41:42 "The Best Solution For Pollution Is Dilution" - Paul Chek

00:42:00 Find Christian on Instagram @christianramireznyc

00:42:19 Get Your Free Water Tracker at on the resources page or click

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013 Christian Ramirez - Water

013 Christian Ramirez - Water