DiscoverVirtuality Podcast#015 Academy Award Winner Ross Shain
#015 Academy Award Winner Ross Shain

#015 Academy Award Winner Ross Shain

Update: 2018-06-05


We chat with Ross Shain about his Sci-Tech Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts given to the Mocha team in 2013.

Mocha has been used for the Harry Potter films, latest Marvel Movies such as Black Panther, and other known films such as Black Swan and Birdman. In short, In the Oscars for VFX the artist most likely used Mocha at some point in the workflow.

Mocha VR has won multiple awards across the industry. Below is a sampling of the more recent awards.

2018 Advanced Imaging Society Technology Award -Mocha VR

2018 Studio Prim "Bleeding Edge Award" -Mocha VR

2017 Multiple "Best of Show Awards" at NAB (Post magazine, Digital Video Magazine)


In addition to Mocha, the parent company, Boris FX sells multiple editing tools. We talk with Ross about his experience and how these tools are being used for VR and 360 content.


1'35": Ross explains how Mocha was used in Harry Potter films

3'00": Academy Sci-Tech Award and Plan Tracking Discussion
4'45": Black Swan Natalie Portman
6'00": Birdman - Michael Keaton
7'00": common editing issues object removal, stabilization, “invisible effects”
7'50": Ross’s favorite scenes, Harry Potter, Marvel films such as Black Panther
9'45": Are movies ruined for Ross?
11'15": History of visual effects in film such as Star Wars, King Kong, and other films that came before green screens.
14'20": What gaps is editing software does Boris FX and Mocha fill?
17'00": What challenges does Stereo bring to editing versus monoscopic?
20'50": stereographer
21'25": How did mocha get into 360 video
25'25": What’s the mocha team like?
26'50": Specific use cases that mocha 360 solves
30'35": types of 360 cameras in the market
32'12":Visual Effects arms race for 360 content
34'30":Common 360 video mistakes and how Mocha can solve them.
37'10": importance of reference shots and thinking about the set to avoid post production problems
38'40": Parent company BorisFx plug-ins for Adobe and Avid
39'10": Continuum VR unit by Boris Fx and features
40'57": How have creatives used mocha in ways that Ross did not expect? Stephen King IT.
43'00": Horror In VR , Speak of the Devil
44'35": Interactive 360 content
47'00": What is Ross’s favorite 360 content he has experienced?
47'50": Felix and Paul Isle of Dogs Experience
50'10": How Stephen Spielberg used VR while filming Ready Player One
52'05":What are the hard to reach problems that everyone would love solved via software but isn’t done yet?
53'50":Beat Saber
56'00": Speeding up the processing time per frame
57'50":Is the team looking to grow?



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Training Tools for 360/VR Content

Red 360 camera

Light sail VR : Speak of the devil

RYOT: Hulu Series Door no. 1 

Wes Anderson : Fantastic Mr Fox

Check out the Felix and Paul: Isle of Dogs : Behind the Scenes in  Google Spotlight Stories









#015 Academy Award Winner Ross Shain

#015 Academy Award Winner Ross Shain