DiscoverEngineering our Future017 // Latinas are Changing STEM with Diana Iracheta
017 // Latinas are Changing STEM with Diana Iracheta

017 // Latinas are Changing STEM with Diana Iracheta

Update: 2020-10-21


Diana is the founder of Latina Engineer, a page where she shares what is like to be a women in STEM. She is currently a manufacturing engineer at Methode Electronics. Coming from an immigrant family and being a first generation graduate has not been easy in a male-dominated field but she is showing the world the great things Latinas can do in STEM. Her Instagram page has over 6000+ followers where she shares her story as a Latina in engineering.

She has a passion for helping and empowering others. She is active in mentorship programs, STEM panels, and international conferences. She is showing the world that anyone can pursue a career in STEM.

Some questions discussed in the episode (Video Timestamps):

00:00 Intro

03:08 Intro Diana

04:30 Talking about the Latina Engineer page, shop, and Instagram

07:10 Why do you think there is so much pushback for Latinos and Latinas to work in STEM?

10:22 Why inspires you to share content for STEM students?

12:40 How was your experience starting your college career at a community college?

15:15 Is there a difference in the PE license with starting at a community college?

16:32 What do you do as a mechanical engineer?

18:20 What skills a mechanical engineer should have?

20:13 What volunteering do you do?

22:15 Do you regret not volunteering with engineering organizations?

25:10 What tools and principles do you use to manage your time with a full-time job and a small business?

28:10 Why do men don't worry about kids but women do? How can we change that?

32:15 Where do you see Latina Engineer in the future?

34:24 Do you think you would  ever quit mechanical engineering to focus on your business?

37:10 What advice do you have for a student considering between masters or pursue a career right away?

39:24 What advice do you give women wanting to pursue a career in STEM?

41:25 How can we continue Engineering our Future?

42:25 Connect with Diana from Latina Engineer

43:08 Outro

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017 // Latinas are Changing STEM with Diana Iracheta

017 // Latinas are Changing STEM with Diana Iracheta

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