DiscoverArt of Retreat - SPARKs#019 - Kyle Koch | Nature Health and Movement
#019 - Kyle Koch | Nature Health and Movement

#019 - Kyle Koch | Nature Health and Movement

Update: 2020-02-19


In our modern era people come to view people and nature as separate. We have complex built environments that are oriented around safety and convenience. While these have inherently made our lives easier and allowed great technological advancements it has come at the cost of our health. Kyle Koch will explore this through concepts and ideas borrowed from functional neurology, nature connection practices, medical studies, philosophy and psychology in his SPARK, "Nature Health and Movement."

Kyle Koch has been facilitating transformative experiences in nature for almost a decade: inspiring youth and adults to connect to their gifts through exploration, curiosity, and play. Kyle is always expanding his practice through the study and application of Strength Training, Martial Arts, Meditation, Breath Work, and Functional Neurology Concepts. Kyle began training at Parkour Visions in 2012. After two years in the Parkour gym, he met Rafe Kelley, and was inspired to take his passion for movement back into the trees. When he is not teaching or facilitating, you can find Kyle exploring opportunities to deepen his connection with himself, others, and the Earth.

The 2019 Art of Retreat North America is brought to you by our supporting sponsors: Parkour Visions, Enso Movement, Parkour Generations Americas, Zen Planner, Dynasty Fitness, and Movers Mindset.

A special thanks to Craig Constantine and Miguel Chero of Movers Mindset for the production of this episode.








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#019 - Kyle Koch | Nature Health and Movement

#019 - Kyle Koch | Nature Health and Movement