02- What is Mindfulness?

02- What is Mindfulness?

Update: 2019-01-11


Mindfulness helps us be here now in body + mind + spirit.

When we are fully present, we connect with ourselves, others, and the universal power of love and peace. It's within all of us, yet we have to practice in the stillness, returning to our breath, being fully engaged in our activities in order to bring this awareness into our lives.

It's easy to be caught up in thoughts in our head about past or future instead of being here now.

As we practice stillness, focusing on our breath, reconnecting,  we strengthen our attention skills so we bring more awareness to the thoughts and beliefs in our mind that fuel our reactions and behavior.

Once you know how to harness and focus your attention—you can get out of your head and into this moment.

You awaken your innate ability for happiness, no matter what life throws your way.

We create space between our thoughts and our reaction. 

Mindfulness is one way to achieve greater fulfillment— it’s a set of attention skills that you can learn and grow

Mindfulness is like a gym for your mind and it can radically transform your life—leading to better health, more connected relationships, greater productivity, performance, purpose, and creativity.

On this episode learn about mindfulness and how you can practice it and begin seeing the positive effects of it in your life and your feeling of wholeness and harmony.


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02- What is Mindfulness?

02- What is Mindfulness?

Lindsay Ambrose