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020 Eastland Disaster

020 Eastland Disaster

Update: 2019-07-24


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In Ghostly’s twentieth episode, Pat and Rebecca explore the Eastland Disaster, the deadliest maritime disaster on the Great Lakes. On July 24th 1915, 844 people lost their lives when the Eastland capsized. This year is the 104th anniversary of this horrific event. Since the accident, visitors to the area of the disaster as well as those in places where the bodies were taken have reported noises and visions of faces and ghost figures. One of those places is Harpo studios, otherwise known as Oprah’s studios.

<figure class="aligncenter size-large is-resized">Eastland Victim on Stretcher<figcaption>Eastland Victim on Stretcher</figcaption></figure>

Pat and Rebecca are joined this episode
by ghost tour guide and historian Tony Szabelski to tell the history and explore
the ghost stories. Tony conducts weekly tours with Chicago Hauntings Tours and helps
people who want to ghost hunt get the chance with Hands On Paranormal

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Questions explored in this episode:

What happened on the Eastland on
July 24th, 1915? Why were so many people on the ship? Why did it
capsize? Why did so many people die? What happened after the accident to the
bodies? What did eye witnesses say about what they saw? Where have people
claimed to see ghosts? What other paranormal activity has been reported? Are
there any places haunted by the spirits of those that died in this horrific

<figure class="aligncenter size-large is-resized">Eastland Memorial Plaque on Chicago River<figcaption>Eastland Memorial Plaque on Chicago River</figcaption></figure>

Listen to hear Pat and Rebecca talk with Tony about the
history and the ghost stories related to the Eastland Disaster. Tony reveals
which stories are definitely not related to the disaster despite often being
reported as part of it. After the interview, Pat and Rebecca offer up a few
more historical pieces of information as well as a few more haunting stories.

Be sure to stay tuned for Pat and Rebecca’s “Truth Meter” rating at the end. How true do they each think these stories are?

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Also included in this episode are,
as always, poll results from our previous episode on Lincoln’s Ghost. (Check
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Sources for this week’s episode:
Tony Szabelski of Chicago Hauntings Tours and Hands On Paranormal

Music for this episode was performed
by Michael Rivers

Intro: III. Allegro moderato from Gargoyles by Lowell Liebermann

Outro: Dream Images (Love-Death Music) by George Crumb

Bumper: Ghost Waltz by Lowell Liebermann

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020 Eastland Disaster

020 Eastland Disaster

Patrick Harrington & Rebecca Rivers