DiscoverThe State of Flow Podcast with Lena Kaliyah#023 Conscious Connection Through Yoga
#023 Conscious Connection Through Yoga

#023 Conscious Connection Through Yoga

Update: 2020-07-29


Conscious Connection through Yoga - yoga goes way beyond the mat and quite frankly provides an entire way of life, if not a life-changing and empowering model for personal development and becoming our highest self, while overcoming imbalance and find mental-emotional balance and purity.
For me personally yoga had been my saving grace in dark times and quite literally my natural alternative and substitute for conventional psychotherapy and mood-lifting drugs. It's been the yogic principles that fully transformed me big time and empowered me to turn a lot in my life around, with lasting impact.

If you are curious how yoga can be a powerful catalyst for anyone with all apparent spiritual 'woo-woo' taken out of it, tune into this episode with Lena Kermode

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#023 Conscious Connection Through Yoga

#023 Conscious Connection Through Yoga

Lena Kermode