DiscoverThe Working Director028: VFX Tech - What Do You Need To Know to Direct?
028: VFX Tech - What Do You Need To Know to Direct?

028: VFX Tech - What Do You Need To Know to Direct?

Update: 2022-09-12


Is it your dream to direct on an LED stage (like The Mandalorian)? 

How do you choose between LED wall and green screen? 

How do you know what to prep before you go to set? 

How do you decide the shots you can lose to save money on VFX later? 

What about using the tech for your driving scenes so you don’t have to take it to the streets? 

Can all of this help you shoot your low budget sci-fi or make it harder? 

Let’s talk VFX tech and what you need to know before you get to set. Filmmaker Marco Ragozzino shares his experience working in VFX and how you can make your film happen, even if you don’t have a big budget. More importantly, he’ll share what you need to know to be hired to direct these  VFX shows.

Those questions and more will be answered on this episode of The Working Director. Hosted by Director/Producer Jenn Page.

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Marco  Ragozzino

Bitten by the filmmaking bug at an early age, Marco  Ragozzino grew up making all kinds of weird and imaginative short films using whatever tools were available at the time - VHS cameras, scale  models, and classmates willing to lend a hand. From there, Marco went on to study film & animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York  City, eventually relocating to Los Angeles upon graduation.

His  interest in creating wild and whimsical worlds, in addition to needing a  regular paycheck, led him down the path of Visual Effects production.  He has produced visual effects for sequences in films and TV shows such  as Ready Player One, Men in Black: International, IT: Chapter 2, the  Mandalorian and the upcoming "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" (Warner /  DC) and Slumberland (Netflix). His filmmaking heroes include DIY  mavericks such as Roger Corman, Lloyd Kaufman, and George Lucas.



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028: VFX Tech - What Do You Need To Know to Direct?

028: VFX Tech - What Do You Need To Know to Direct?

Jenn Page