DiscoverElevating Motherhood029. Options for Anxiety: A Conversation with Parent Coach & Educator Breon Michel
029. Options for Anxiety: A Conversation with Parent Coach & Educator Breon Michel

029. Options for Anxiety: A Conversation with Parent Coach & Educator Breon Michel

Update: 2020-03-11


Anxiety is one of the most requested topics from listeners here on the show. So many moms want to know more about it and/or what they can do to manage theirs or make it disappear.

I’m not a medical professional. I can’t diagnose anxiety, nor am I ever trying to by presenting episodes about anxiety. This isn’t medical advice, this is a discussion among moms. My goal is to empower mothers to learn more about themselves and encourage them to learn more about topics that inspire them, interest them, or even concern them. Topics like anxiety. We’re not going to shy away from it here on Elevating Motherhood, but instead seek out information and potential options. I don’t believe there is a one size fits all answer to anything…especially when it comes to moms & anxiety.

It feels like we’re in this sea of not-knowing when it comes to anxiety: we don’t know a ton about it even though it’s a very common notion, we have moments in our lives where we *think we might have it but we’re not sure and we don’t want to talk about it if we suspect we do, or if we do talk about it, there’s sometimes judgment or we’re offered unhelpful “advice,” or it’s ignored altogether. There are actually people who believe that anxiety isn’t real. There are so many opinions about anxiety, it’s no wonder moms feel paralyzed and don’t even know where to start seeking answers, information, and support.

So let’s change that. I want to talk openly about anxiety, share stories, and hear from moms & professionals. I really want to explore ways we can learn to support ourselves and other moms. Let’s have the conversations. My goal is to publish many episodes in an “Options for Anxiety” series where we learn about and dive into ideas that might help: Those of us with anxiety, those of us who wonder if we might have it, and even those of us without anxiety who want to learn how to be more supportive.

Today’s guest is the perfect intro to this series!

Breon Michel is a parent coach & educator who supports and empowers families with tools to create more ease, enjoyment, and self-compassion in daily life. With extensive training in mindfulness & self-compassion, nervous system regulation, and plenty of personal practice (and mishaps!) as a parent, she uses a heartfelt and integrative approach to helping parents deal with the challenges and vulnerabilities of raising children in the modern world. Breon is a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher with a Master’s in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. A love of learner at heart, she’s also partway through the Organic Intelligence HEART training, which is giving her greater insight into the key aspects of healthy nervous system functioning.

In today’s episode, we talk about: What anxiety is * What’s a coach vs. a therapist * Causes of anxiety (cultural, societal, familial, ancestral, etc.) * When to reach out for help & support * Approaches to therapy, including: somatic experiencing therapy, organic intelligence, talk therapy, family/parent coaching, self compassion, mindfulness & meditation, showing up as your genuine self, and anxiety & children


Psychology Today, Postpartum Support International, Postpartum Doulas, Steve Hoskinson (founder of Organic Intelligence) – “The job is enjoyment.” Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing Therapy)


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029. Options for Anxiety: A Conversation with Parent Coach & Educator Breon Michel

029. Options for Anxiety: A Conversation with Parent Coach & Educator Breon Michel

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