DiscoverElevating Motherhood032. How Guided Journaling Changed My Life
032. How Guided Journaling Changed My Life

032. How Guided Journaling Changed My Life

Update: 2020-03-25


I knew something needed to change. I wasn’t getting what I wanted or needed out of my everyday life. I wanted more alone time, more date nights with my husband, deeper connection with my kids…I wanted us to be a family who goes outside more, one who has fun together…I felt like I needed to eat better and workout.

My list was so long and overwhelming that I knew I couldn’t start to improve all of that (or anything!) if I tried to change everything all at once. And my schedule was so full as a working, homeschooling mom that I wasn’t sure I’d find the time to work on even one topic. But I was determined to start. Determined to make changes.

5 minutes a day seemed do-able. (Start small, right?) It seemed sustainable, too. But there wasn’t anything out there that focused on topics I was interested in as a mom. So I wrote a Guided Journal—one that I wanted for myself—and shared it with other mamas. One topic + one month + just a few minutes a day.

The very first Guided Journal topic one was “Alone Time” (something so many moms talk about needing!). I wrote out the journal prompts for the whole month then answered one a day…and it changed my life.

I had more alone time than I ever thought possible. I was using it to take care of myself and meet my needs which led to me having more energy and positivity to share with my family. It turns out the saying “you cannot pour from an empty cup” is true. It was a breakthrough moment for me. I had been blocking my own alone time and had inadvertently taught my family that I didn’t need it by not taking it. Those truths all bubbled to the surface in one month’s time and were changed from that month on. Alone time was something all of us needed and deserved. We’re now a family that makes space for each of us to have the alone time we crave and deserve.

Once I had met my own needs, I turned my focus to my marriage. “Date Night” was the second month’s Guided Journal topic. I spent that month answering questions and figuring out what we needed to do to work in more date nights. That month was epic. We went on so many dates! There was suddenly time for dating where there had been none before. Why? Because we stopped blocking ourselves. We stopped talking ourselves out of dates. We stopped making excuses, showed up (for ourselves and each other), and put in the work…which meant going on dates. (Probably my favorite work ever).

From there my desire to work on all of the most important areas of my life—my motherhood, my marriage, my family, my friendships, my home, my everyday habits—exploded with energy and enthusiasm. At the same time it brought me peace. That’s why I broke through the vulnerability and shared it with other mamas, because I know I’m not the only one who feels crunched for time while wanting to make positive changes.

The best part is, Guided Journaling helps you discover what YOU need. It helps you find answers that work in YOUR life, not someone else’s.

Give it a try! All of these topics are available on my blog: Simply click on the Guided Journals tab and choose a topic that speaks to you. Happy Journaling!

Guided Journals topics available: Alone Time * Date Night * Connection * Transition * Family Fun * A Sense of Home * Go Outside * Friendship * Philanthropy * Expectations * Finance * Fitness * Food * Detox * Legacy * Mom Style

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032. How Guided Journaling Changed My Life

032. How Guided Journaling Changed My Life

Lori Beth Auldridge