DiscoverThe State of Flow Podcast with Lena Kaliyah#038 How to Become More Productive: Yin & Yang Balance
#038 How to Become More Productive: Yin & Yang Balance

#038 How to Become More Productive: Yin & Yang Balance

Update: 2020-12-03


This episode of the State of Flow Podcast is all about how to become more productive aka doing less, achieving more aka working smart vs hard, with a few practical (and maybe at first counter-intuitive) tools for you!

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The State of Flow Podcast is a place to discuss everything holistic thriving instead of surviving, creating your flow state in which to lead life as your highest healthiest, happiest and most successful self in all areas of life. "You know those pains & problems you call "normal" that are really just "common"? They're blocking the way between you and your greatest potential. Let's say goodbye to that!" - Join Lena Kermode for a weekly dose of grounded spirituality married to science-based facts, ancient soul wisdom and body-mind medicine meeting modern bad-ass lifestyle and holistic health meeting self-empowerment, -development and success, looking through the lens of ancient Ayurveda for modern daily life. The state of flow is about elevating your body and mind thrive levels to elevate your life quality and joy factor holistically, getting the most out of life by being able to access your fullest potential. In this podcast, we'll be discussing topics from Ayurveda, yoga, mindset and spirituality to creativity, joy, relationships, personal development, nature & circadian rhythms, etc.


Lena Kaliyah is a certified Holistic Health & Empowerment Coach and Ayurvedic practitioner as well as yoga teacher/therapist and integrative body- & energy worker helping women to deepen their understanding of and connection to their bodies, selves and natural cycles and remove the roadblocks between them and ACCESSING their greatest potential in order to invite more balance, health, happiness, joy, abundance, success and joy & ease into their lives. In her practice she specializes in holistic stress management and burnout,  hormone balance, mental & gut health and holistic detox and purification to create our flow state (state of optimal performance) as she guides people towards self-empowerment and -healing, naturally, in her 1:1mentoring programs and consults, workshops & talks, and her @EarthMedicine.Co health & selfcare products and herbs. 
She is also the host of The State of Flow Podcast and the free 'State of Flow Community" Facebook group.

Her soul purpose is to assist people in becoming their own healers and empower themselves, to (re-)connect deeply to their bodies and selves and synchronize with the natural circadian rhythms of their environment and their own cycles in order to become their highest, most thriving, evolvements in all areas of life using the ancient mind-body medicine and psychology of Ayurveda, which is Sanskrit for a over 500 years old "The science of life" which originated in India. Lena is here to bridge the gab between ancient wisdom and modern science and lifestyle to infuse our daily lives with more sacredness, empowerment, joy, health and flow. You can learn more about Lena and find out how to work closely with her at

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#038 How to Become More Productive: Yin & Yang Balance

#038 How to Become More Productive: Yin & Yang Balance

Lena Kaliyah Kermode