DiscoverThe Everyday Healthy Human#04 Ana Voss | From Non Swimmer to 11x Ironman Triathlete
#04 Ana Voss | From Non Swimmer to 11x Ironman Triathlete

#04 Ana Voss | From Non Swimmer to 11x Ironman Triathlete

Update: 2023-07-09


Welcome to Episode #4 of the Everyday Healthy Human Podcast! In this remarkable episode, I have the pleasure of chatting with Ana Voss, an inspiring individual who transformed from a non-swimmer to an accomplished 11-time Ironman Triathlete. I had the pleasure to coach her for many of those Ironman Triathlons!

Join us as Ana shares her incredible resilience, determination, and personal growth journey. We delve into her initial challenges as a non-swimmer and how she overcame them to conquer not one but 11 Ironman Triathlons. Ana's story is a testament to the power of embracing new experiences, stepping out of our comfort zones, and unlocking our true potential.

Discover Ana's insights on mindset, training, and the importance of perseverance. Her story will inspire you to believe in yourself, push your limits, and pursue your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem.

To learn more about Ana Voss and her incredible work, visit her website at Stay connected and follow her journey on Instagram @womenempowermentcycling for daily inspiration and empowering content.

Take advantage of this engaging and motivating Everyday Healthy Human Podcast episode. Join us as we explore Ana's remarkable transformation from a non-swimmer to an 11-time Ironman Triathlete. Prepare to be inspired and motivated to conquer challenges and live life fully.

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Tune in and get ready to be inspired by Ana Voss's extraordinary journey of growth and triumph. It's time to unlock your potential as an everyday healthy human!

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#04 Ana Voss | From Non Swimmer to 11x Ironman Triathlete

#04 Ana Voss | From Non Swimmer to 11x Ironman Triathlete

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