DiscoverAllinradio04/01/20 California Dreaming
04/01/20 California Dreaming

04/01/20 California Dreaming

Update: 2020-04-02



Lights...... COVID-19

Lights have gone dormant in one of our countries most flourishing times. High paid CEO’s privileged beyond privilege. High society is no more in power then the ones who’ve put you in your place of fame. At this point politicians have taken complete control, we are not free. $1,200 sounds like hush money to me, isn’t this tax season. Give me what you already owe me. Lined up on New York’s streets this week were Big Rigs attached to refrigeration containers, to keep the passed from spoil. Never in life did I think our country, the world in its entirety would be shutdown. Not to warfare but to a microbial infestation. As test become available numbers of infected have gone up drastically. It’s been over a week since 45 test patients had been given a vaccine for COVID-19 Seattle Wa. So are we in mass production after only a few months test time. Nowhere near the standard 18 months plus lab testing on varmints and or small animals. First stay at home order was for 2 weeks how can you put a time on the spread of a virus if we have know known previous information. We had know idea how many people were infected, I mean how could we there were no test. Not to mention when testing became available over 50% of test had a false positive. So we still have know idea where we’re at as a country. I do believe we’ll be far into summer before COVID-19 is under control. Times are changing things are far worse then lead to believe. Get ready...... WasupwitE Stay Dangerous. #wasupwite #covıd19 #why #onelove #rasta #rastafari #news #wakeup #rap #hiphop #realrap #rnb #music #barber #barbershop #barbergang #barberlife #onairpersonality #california #sanfrancisco #oakland #emeryville #compton #la #westcoast #midwest #downsouth #eastcoast #itsalwayslove #staydangerous


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04/01/20 California Dreaming

04/01/20 California Dreaming