DiscoverThe State of Flow Podcast with Lena Kaliyah#041 Finding Ease & Flow Through Moving with Your Moon
#041 Finding Ease & Flow Through Moving with Your Moon

#041 Finding Ease & Flow Through Moving with Your Moon

Update: 2021-01-22


Finding flow, ease, and rebalance your hormones, reproductive system and boost overall wellbeing by living in sync with your cyles and honouring your moon time.

Episode 041: Finding Ease and Flow Through Moving with Your Moon

There are several ways and practices for someone to get into a flow state. This particular episode will talk about how to achieve the flow state by moving with the moon cycles.
Life is cyclic and we are part of nature. The more we sync our rhythms with the natural cycles - the rising and setting of the sun, wandering of the moon, and changing of the season, the more we tap into our unlimited potential.
Listen to the episode and discover how the moon cycles affect humans, particularly women. Learn how syncing the menstrual cycle with the moon cycles can lead to optimal health which will inevitably call in more abundance, flow, and ease.

What you will get from this episode

04:28 Why women are privileged to have the menstrual cycle
07:33 How technology is disconnecting us from our true nature
09:17 Moon energy having an impact on humans
10:31 How to sync your menstrual cycle with the moon cycle
12:11 Cultivating inward practices on every new moon
13:29 Why burnout is a sign that you're not in sync with your natural rhythms
17:33 Slowing down and listening from within
19:23 The importance of tracking your menstrual cycle
21:53 Why you should pay attention to the moon cycles
24:05 Practicing the balance of yin and yang

Manifesting the power of the moon cycle

● Finding ease and flow through moving with your moon means to start with those natural cycle, the natural dualistic balance of yin and yang
● Without the disruption of technology and the way humanity is living now, we would’ve rested more around the new moon (yin energy) and be more active and extroverted on the full moon (yang energy)

Recalibrate our natural cycle

● Start with your personal menstrual cycle. Rule of thumb: 2 weeks inward, 2 weeks outward
● On every new moon, cultivate more inward practices like eating nourishing and grounding food, doing reflective activities, and lifestyle practices
● In the full moon phase, be action-oriented, get things done, be logical and critical
● Burnout is a sign that you’re not in sync with your natural rhythms since you are not actually giving yourself the opportunity to rest
● If we just keep on pushing, we are not actually running on our full capacity

Start by building tiny habits

● Slow down to be present; have reflection spaces in between tasks and listen from within to recognize your state and take action on it
● Track your menstrual cycle. Find correlations in your moods and your state
● Pay attention to the moon cycle. Assess whether your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle link up and how this affects your emotions and symptoms
● Take action and practice the balance of yin and yang

"Always remember that every journey you ever take towards whatever destination or goal is made out of just a huge accumulation of tiny little steps."

"It's not about how much you get done, it's about the quality of what you get done."


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#041 Finding Ease & Flow Through Moving with Your Moon

#041 Finding Ease & Flow Through Moving with Your Moon

Lena Kaliyah Kermode