DiscoverThe State of Flow Podcast with Lena Kaliyah#044 Cleansing and Fasting the Ayurvedic Way
#044 Cleansing and Fasting the Ayurvedic Way

#044 Cleansing and Fasting the Ayurvedic Way

Update: 2021-04-07


Do you often jump on the bandwagon whenever there is a new trend? Do you feel that if something works for your partner, or friend, or sibling, it must certainly work for you too?
Remember, you are unique. No two people are the same, therefore, their needs aren’t the same either. That applies to everything in life - including fasting and cleansing.
Listen to the episode and find out how you can be fully reset and in an optimal state of balance by doing Ayurvedic cleansing and fasting. Learn about the benefits that it can give you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

What you will get from this episode

04:08 Why you shouldn’t follow a trend that becomes mainstream - like a fad diet
07:24 The Ayurvedic way of fasting
09:02 Why you should cleanse during spring and autumn
12:32 How your body reacts to the instability of the weather and seasons
15:50 The importance of cleansing - eliminating and minimizing the toxins that built up in your body
17:41 Effects of ignoring our natural urges such as eating and sleeping
18:57 Why you should practice holistic resets every spring and autumn
20:23 The downside of excessive cleansing
22:03 Best way of cleansing for Kapha people
23:50 Why excessive cleansing and detox can be depleting for Vata people
28:08 The importance of knowing your unique mind-body type
30:20 When does cleansing, detoxing or fasting won’t resolve any toxicity in your body
32:47 Why you should tune in to your body’s innate intelligence

The advantages and disadvantages of following a fad

● When something becomes mainstream, it becomes widely accessible to everyone and helps
elevate the collective consciousness.
● However, this can also cause a significant drop in quality. The more accessible something
becomes, the higher the demand gets which results in the supply becoming higher with the
increase in competition while the prices drop.
● The key is keeping your eyes out for the right thing that lives up to the quality that you need to
start embodying that thing and get a full benefit out of that.
Know the when, why and how to fast, cleanse or detox
● When people read about things like detox via a blog post or a book that gives them a general
overview, they walk away thinking that this is the exact right thing for them but most of the time,
that is not the case.
● Each one of us has unique symptoms, issues and therefore different needs as well.
● Ayurveda comes down to the underlying root cause, the underlying condition, and the
constitutional makeup behind the symptom, goal, and need.
Ayurvedic fasting is all about balance

"Nothing of value is created overnight which means that doing one
cleansing won’t fix your health issues.”

“Feeling over thinking is the key. Your body has an innate intelligence. Trust
that. Tune in to it.” 


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#044 Cleansing and Fasting the Ayurvedic Way

#044 Cleansing and Fasting the Ayurvedic Way

Lena Kaliyah Kermode