DiscoverBadass Moms Club045: Marijuana & Motherhood
045: Marijuana & Motherhood

045: Marijuana & Motherhood

Update: 2020-08-12


I'm a bit nervous to talk about this but I feel like it needs to be discussed so it can be normalized. As someone who consumes marijuana, I feel like there is still so much stigma around it and those who consume it.  

In today’s episode I want to talk about:
1. Marijuana;
2. Why people consume it;
3. What types of people consume it; and
4. How there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to being a marijuana consumer.  

So, lets talk about marijuana itself and the two main components of it: THC and CBD 

  1. THC = is the main component in weed that gets you high 
  2. CBD = does not get you high but still boasts many benefits

Marijuana can be consumed in many forms: smoking, vaping, eating, drinking & extracts 

Why would someone consume marijuana? The reasons differ from person to person and can range from recreational, to medical to spiritual. And the benefits of consuming THC or CBD cannabis range from reducing nausea, pain management and help with chronic pain, reduce headaches and menstrual cramps, muscle spasms, relaxation, increased awareness, increased libido, aid in meditation, anxiety, depression, ADHD and more.

 So why is there so much stigma around consuming marijuana as a mom?  

  1. People still widely view marijuana as a drug and drugs are bad 
  2. People think that if a mom indulges or consumes marijuana, she is high all the time and cant be a good parent  
  3. People think it’s a bad example for their kids  

So these reasons make it taboo still for a mom to consume marijuana but yet its socially acceptable for moms to drink wine. Wine o’clock is a very real thing and it's almost a right of passageway into becoming a mom.  

But in the same way a mom who drinks wine isn't always drunk and she's not always drinking, a mom who consumes marijuana is not always smoking and is not always high.  

We wouldn’t shame a mom for having a glass or two or three of wine. We wouldn’t shame a mom who says she likes to have a bath to unwind. Or have half a cake after a hard day. 

We don’t shame moms for these things yet we still do it for moms who consume weed.

And I just really want to break down the barriers of this by sharing my own story.  

I would love to see motherhood culture normalize moms consuming marijuana in the same way we have normalized and encouraged moms to drink.

As always, I would love to continue this conversation over on Instagram or email.

Instagram: jeshessels

DISCLAIMER- As mentioned in the podcast, these views and ideas are solely my own and are not intended to provide parenting advice or suggestions on the use of substances while parenting. Child safety is paramount and it is a parents responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their child. Children are required to have a sober care provider at all times. If you have questions regarding substance use while caring for children, please connect with your local child welfare agency.









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045: Marijuana & Motherhood

045: Marijuana & Motherhood