DiscoverBadass Moms Club046: To Send The Kids To School Or Not
046: To Send The Kids To School Or Not

046: To Send The Kids To School Or Not

Update: 2020-08-15


This episode actually has no advice on whether you should send your kids back to school or do distanced learning. Why is that? Because the only person/people who know what is best for you & your family or what your options are is you and your family. Not me. Not your neighbour. Not your mom. Not the school board. You & your family. 

I know this decision has to be made relatively soon as September is right around the corner but I just want to say, whatever decision you do make, it is the right decision. Also, if you don't really have an options due to work or other circumstances, that's okay too!

The unfortunate part is there are going to be people who judge you either way. There will be people who judge you for sending your kids to school & there will be people who judge you for doing distanced learning. There will be people who will feel that your decision is wrong and will judge you no matter what. Since there is no way to avoid this, try your best to stand by your decision and know it is the best decision you could make. 

But give yourself the grace and space and trust in yourself that you are making the best decision possible. Times are unprecedented right now. For the first time in our lives parents are having to make a huge decision on what risks were willing to take based on our physical health, mental health & financially...all at once. 

If need be, talk it out with your family, friend or someone else that you trust. Get their opinion or have them just listen but remember, ultimately, your decision is the best one there is! You do need to feel guilty or like a bad mom at all!

So, like I said before, there is no one right answer here and there is no wrong answer at all. Trust yourself mama! You got this. 









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046: To Send The Kids To School Or Not

046: To Send The Kids To School Or Not