DiscoverBadass Moms Club051: The Working Mom w/ Kayla McCaul
051: The Working Mom w/ Kayla McCaul

051: The Working Mom w/ Kayla McCaul

Update: 2020-08-29


Buckle up badass moms because this is the LAST guest episode of Season 1 and it's awe-maze-ing (seriously though, it's everything I would ever want to say...said by an amazing woman!).

Today's episode features badass mom Kayla McCaul. Kayla lives in Portland, Oregon with her two daughters (8 & 4 years old) and husband. Her and her husband have been pivoting in careers for about five years now as they find what works best for them. At the time of recording this episode Kayla wasn't able to share her latest news (as you'll hear at the end of the episode) but I am super excited to announce that she is officially a licensed real estate agent in her town! Go mama!

Kayla & I chat about SO many amazing things that are common themes you hear me talk about. We chat about:

- transitioning from being the primary caretaker to working full-time and husband taking over more - the ups & downs of that
- lessons learned from going from a business owner to working under a company again
- the mom guilt that came with going back to work full-time
- how her autoimmune disease was worse when she was at home with her girls
- tips for having a life outside motherhood
- how she overcame the mom guilt from going back to work
- fostering emotional awareness in our children

I am so jazzed to cap off our guest series in Season 1 with Kayla. Kayla is awesome (as you can hear!). As always, venture over to her Instagram to see what she has been up to as of late (and check out her adorable family). Furthermore, if you live in Portland and need a real estate agent, message Kayla!

Instagram: lifeas.kaym
Real Estate website:

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051: The Working Mom w/ Kayla McCaul

051: The Working Mom w/ Kayla McCaul