DiscoverBadass Moms Club054: Career Mom w/ Jenny Elliott
054: Career Mom w/ Jenny Elliott

054: Career Mom w/ Jenny Elliott

Update: 2020-10-21


Hey hey hey badass moms! Welcome back for another amazing episode. Today's episode features badass mom Jenny Elliott. Jenny is mom to Cameron (2.5 years old), married to her husband for 7 years, and she works in a Fortune 500 company in the Accounting & Finance department. Jenny is passionate about traveling and is the host of the Career Mom Podcast!

On today's episode we talk all things careers + motherhood. We discuss:

- what it was like having 12 weeks of maternity leave & then putting her 12 month old baby in daycare and going back to work
- the hardest parts of going back to work: the mom guilt, heartache for leaving baby at daycare, going to a job where she didn't know what it meant anymore/why it was a priority, second-guessing everything, pumping, & transitioning jobs
- going through an identity crisis when her baby was born & when COVID-19 began
- comparing herself to others and to her pre-baby self
- tips to get through all of this

Regardless if you're a career mom or not, this episode has something for you! Jenny gives amazing insight into the thoughts, feelings and worries of being a career mom while providing tips for getting through it all.

As always, I encourage you to check Jenny out on social media and to listen to her podcast:

Instagram: careermompodcast
Facebook Group: Career Mom
Podcast: Career Mom Podcast

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054: Career Mom w/ Jenny Elliott

054: Career Mom w/ Jenny Elliott