DiscoverElevating Motherhood058. Making Homeschool Manageable & Fun with Kristi Clover
058. Making Homeschool Manageable & Fun with Kristi Clover

058. Making Homeschool Manageable & Fun with Kristi Clover

Update: 2020-08-26


When home education doesn’t feel manageable, that’s the time for us to reach out and lean in to experienced homeschoolers who are enthusiastic about helping…and today’s guest Kristi Clover is bringing the enthusiasm! She’s here as our own personal cheerleader today to talk with us about everything from organization, how to pivot when things get sideways, and offer us a dose of fun, joy, & grace.

We laugh SO MUCH in this episode! It’s a good time when these two Enneagram 7s who are also ENFPs get together! (p.s. I know you’re here for the homeschool motivation, but listen for the Princess Bride, Indiana Jones, & Frozen II references if you’re a fan…lol!)

Kristi’s Bio: Kristi Clover is a home organization and #momlife expert. She’s also the author of M.O.M.=Master Organizer of Mayhem and Homeschool Basics, the host of the Simply Joyful Podcast, and is a popular conference speaker. Her passion is to encourage families to find simple ways to bring more joy into their home and life. She loves to share about her adventures in motherhood and home life through a variety of media that you can find at Kristi lives in San Diego with her husband, Steve, and their five children. Be sure to connect with Kristi online for an extra dose of encouragement. She’s @KristiClover on most social media networks.

In this episode Kristi & I talk about:

· Fun, Joy, & Grace

· Her unique story of how she started homeschooling

· How she graduated her oldest this year!

· The power of pivoting

· Curriculum temptations

· Her book: M.O.M. Master Organizer of Mayhem

· Becoming more efficient

· Prioritizing what is important

· How lowering our expectations can serve us

· The Clover Crate System

· Organizing your homeschool year

· Not staying stuck

· Simply Joyful Podcast episodes about homeschool: Andrew Pudewa (episode 20)

· Mindset shifts we have to make for homeschool

· Instilling a love of learning in our kids…by setting the example!

· Homeschool room…do we need them?

· Streamlining your homeschool and your day

· 9-12 time blocking for homeschool

· How we find “me time” with full schedules & lives

· How we come back to center when we feel off balance

· How we don’t have all the answers…and that’s okay

· Stamina…how and when to say “yes” and “no”

· Dissecting cow eyes…true story.

· How to find homeschool support local to you


· Finding homeschool conventions

· How homeschool rights are in jeopardy

· CHEA (Christian Home Educators Association)

· Curriculum suggestions: My Father’s World, Sunlight, IEW, Apologia, Math U See, Teaching Textbooks,

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058. Making Homeschool Manageable & Fun with Kristi Clover

058. Making Homeschool Manageable & Fun with Kristi Clover

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