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06 Mithago Craze and Roath Writers

06 Mithago Craze and Roath Writers

Update: 2020-10-19


Welcome to the sixth episode of Dickens and Quips!

                                                                                         This week we have Mithago Craze on the show and I shall be reading from To The Sofa and Back Again by Roath Writers

Roath Writers are @roathwriters on Twitter.

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Prompt for this week is "Ball Gown" and you don't have to be an established poet to submit a poem.

Featured poems:

A Prayer Is a Beautiful Thing

-though some may see in it an echo

A palimpsest of other, broken beliefs.


They may see gold-plated faith or

 trust misplaced in midnight

power long-gone

or worse,



My prayer-book is different

Mine are love-letters to hope,

Gratitude to libraries of humanity

A patronage.


I pray to poetry groups.

I pray to book clubs, dedicated

To slowing down


To taking a seam ripper to the straight threads of sentences

and the curved loops of letters

and seeing how the garment was made


I pray for their patience.

I pray for their keen eyes,

Their strong hands flicking pages in

The dead of the night.


I congregate in the silence

Of the line-breaks

and indents,

And as the ministers preach

Meaning into every comma,

Depth into every unfinished


I sign my love-letter with a kiss

And find their words guide me,

Map my (spiritual or not) path to the


Dervla O'Brien


Fairy child,

where did you come from?

Is there a kingdom that misses you?

Who is the child

in the court of the Fairies?

She wears your dresses and

spins around twirling

with the Queen of the Elven

as they dance with the moon.

Ancient eyed child,

who has seen and knows all,

your soul windows green

when the others have brown.

Your hair softly sea waves

while the others wear springs.

Their laughter like starlight,

your silence the dawn.

Changeling child,

who cries in the darkness,

you dream of the fairies,

the dancing and feasting

with creatures so

stunning, their brightness

blinds you. Unable to speak

to tell their story, you hide

behind smiles and eyes

older than time.

Outsider child,

whose sadness drowns hope

don’t you know it will change?

You will be the story,

the changeling who lived.

You will float down stairs

that are chandelier lit

in a boa of feathers.

Embracing your faeness,

you will sing out the twilight

and welcome the darkness,

twirling for the moon.

To know that something inside me is still alive

Dee Dickens

Both available in To The Sofa and Back Again by Roath Writers









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06 Mithago Craze and Roath Writers

06 Mithago Craze and Roath Writers