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063. Study Something

063. Study Something

Update: 2020-09-05


When I first started Elevating Motherhood, I had two episodes that I wanted to share with you…1. Create Something and 2. Study Something. Create Something came to life in episode 10…and now we’re all the way to episode 63. I wouldn’t say I got distracted so much as it didn’t feel like the “right time” to publish it.

But now feels right.

Our whole world feels flipped upside down, we’re being asked to rethink basically everything…including our role as parents, our roles in our house, how we think about education, how we learn, how our kids learn, all of it.

I want to encourage in the middle of all this change to not forget about you and your own education and life-long learning journey. I’ve found so much peace in studying things—and I want that peace for you, too. Do I mean go to college or take “official” classes? Not at all. What I want to encourage you to do is tap into your curiosity and take it one step further.

Why Study Something?

· We life-long learners (

· It’s a way to model life-long learning for our kids

· It acknowledges our curiosity and keeps it alive

· It’s a way to feel happier, smarter, and more connected

· To check something off a list

· As an escape

· A way to learn more about yourself—including what kind of learner you are

· As a chance to slow down

· A chance to turn inward

What to study? The choice is yours. Something that interests you, fills your cup, fills a need you have, or just sparks joy, curiosity, or confidence!

Examples of Topics I’ve Studied Recently: Chickens, orchards, gardening, miniature goats, dahlias, sourdough bread, children's literature, poetry, self-improvement, cleanses, gluten free baking, paleo, Ayurveda, non-toxic lifestyle, plant identification

What I’m Studying Now/What I Plan to Study Soon: Charlotte Mason (her life and her education philosophy), education reform, homeschool laws, watercolor, self-improvement (stays on my list), Weston A. Price (person and foundation), national parks, intuitive eating

When to start: Now...Tomorrow...Soon...Before you’re ready...With someone else


· “I don’t have time.” I hear this a lot. I have freeing news for you…that’s a fib. It just is. I’ve tried to see it as truth, but I just can’t.  I’ve tried to see where we are putting all 24 hours in a day and well, truth by told, we all have the same 24. Not having enough time (i.e. being too busy) is a cultural myth that is perpetuated and celebrated…it’s the constant excuse that’s alive. Being “too busy” has become a badge of honor that need to go away, one day, one moment, one mama at a time. Time to take our time (and our power!) back.

· You do have time…but what about pragmatics? Get creative: Wake up early. Go to bed late. Do something with your down time other than tv or social media. Take care of you…mind, body, spirit.

· Do it when your kids are around (but they will interrupt…so you be the parent when they do. You don’t have to be harsh, you can just let them know that mommy is studying right now and that’s okay. Learning is important. We’re life-long learners. It’s okay if I read right now. It’s okay if I take time to learn about this. It’s okay if you wait a few moments. It’s okay if you study something you’re interested in while I do, too.

Mindset: (more show notes over at

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063. Study Something

063. Study Something


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063. Study Something

063. Study Something

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