065 // Practice This Before Your Annual Review

065 // Practice This Before Your Annual Review

Update: 2022-01-26


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Even though it may come with different names, an annual review is the action of taking a step back to look at the progress you’ve made so far. This brings you awareness of where you’re currently at, and helps you determine where you want to go in the future. However, there’s a catch.

And that is that most people do it wrong. Today’s episode will solve this problem for you. You’ll not only learn how to correctly do these annual performance reviews, both in your personal and professional life, but you’ll also learn some processes already in place that you can simply emulate and adapt to your specific needs.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why a Review Process is Important in Your Career and Life

  • What Your Personal Review Process May Look Like

  • Jeff's Personal Review Process You Can Emulate and Adapt

  • The Two Different Types of Goals: Habit vs. Achievement

  • One Personal Progress Review Tool You Didn't Know About

  • Focusing on the "Gap" vs. Focusing on the "Gains" — And Why it Matters

  • Why the Key to Goal-Setting is not the Goals, But the Systems and the Growth

  • What Young Engineers Should Know About Corporate Performance Reviews

  • How Corporate Performance Reviews are Different for Those in Leadership Roles

  • Why a Performance Review Should Also Analyze the Performance of the Company

  • The Importance of More Frequent Check-ins With Employees

  • Why You Should Make Your Career Goals Within the Company Evident

  • The Power of Mentors Both Inside and Outside Your Company

  • The Difference Between a Mentor and a Coach

  • Tools to Get Mentorship and Career Coaching — Including One You’re Overlooking

  • A Resource With the Right Questions to Ask a Mentor

  • What You Need to Help You With the Career Change You've Been Eyeing

  • The Habit of Reading Books — And Jeff's 2021 Favorites

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065 // Practice This Before Your Annual Review

065 // Practice This Before Your Annual Review

Luis Duque