DiscoverElevating Motherhood066. Buying a House & Moving: Tips from Maui Realtor Jessica Baker
066. Buying a House & Moving: Tips from Maui Realtor Jessica Baker

066. Buying a House & Moving: Tips from Maui Realtor Jessica Baker

Update: 2020-09-16


Many families are moving this year out of want and/or need. If this is you and you’re considering selling, buying, renting, or relocating…or if you just want to hear some interesting and wild real estate stories, this episode is for you!

Jessica Baker is here with us today to give some practical tips for buying and selling a home, things to keep in mind for local and long-distance moves, and even Hawaii and Maui specific suggestions and stories. Jessica is a Maui based realtor with Hawaii Life and a personal friend who has been a knowledgeable and kind resource for me and many other families here on the island and is definitely someone I want to share with you.

Moves are stressful and complicated…our hope is that this conversation gives you some insider ideas, peace of mind, inspiration, and encouragement.

Jessica’s Bio (in her own words):

My journey to Maui began at a very early age! Well before I could read I always wanted to look at picture books of tropical fish and marine life. Eventually I would share with anyone who would listen, "When I grow up, I am going to swim with dolphins in Hawaii!" This was a very big dream for a kid in Michigan.

Fast forward to 2006. After graduating summa cum laude from the University of Michigan, I was fortunate enough to take my first (and only) vacation here to Maui with my parents. While we were having dinner that first night at the iconic Pioneer Inn in Lahaina Town, I just knew that the island was calling me. Armed with two suitcases and a bicycle, my next flight back to Maui two months later was as a brand new resident.

Now I have happily lived in Lahaina for fourteen years...(read Jessica's full bio over at

In this episode, Jessica & I talk about:

· Long distance vs. local moves

· How we both came to Maui

· What to look for when looking for a realtor

· Questions to ask your realtor

· Healthy boundaries & clear communication

· Clarifying expectations with your realtor

· When to schedule the moving company

· Things families have done really well to help kids get settled

· The benefits of seeing a house without kids in tow

· The importance of seeing “how the house will live”

· Moving tips: labeling boxes,

· Moving from the mainland to Hawaii

· Long term rental tips

· Prepping your kids for the move

· A bit about how kids process the transition

· Asking for help during a move

· Over-planning and under-planning

· Moving resources (being local and location specific)

· Box #1…and what it should have in it

· If your dream is to move to Maui…what’s it’s really like

· WILD stories about moving and showings!

Jessica's Website: (see the website for all her links & the free download!) 

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066. Buying a House & Moving: Tips from Maui Realtor Jessica Baker

066. Buying a House & Moving: Tips from Maui Realtor Jessica Baker

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