DiscoverThe Sovereign Society Podcast067 | Honoring the Post Eclipse Uplevel
067 | Honoring the Post Eclipse Uplevel

067 | Honoring the Post Eclipse Uplevel

Update: 2019-01-23


It goes without saying that 2019 has started off on a powerful and intense start. Why you ask? Well, this is all part of the plan and the process as to how you’ll manifest what it is you desire in 2019. I know after talking to many of my people who have been actively doing the work, many of us have been feeling all kinds of emotions from this eclipse. Lots around inner child healing, facing our own BS and the limiting beliefs that have kept us small, and many wounds that are yearning for the salve which simply is our love and attention. Navigating through our core wounds and taking the time to heal and transmute them once and for all, we give ourselves permission to level up in 2019. We must be aware to the simple truth that we are never alone, that Spirit always has our back, and it’s up to us to decide that enough is enough and that we are READY to actually experience the life we desire.


In this episode, I talked about….


☾ The importance of illuminating your shadows


☾ Why inner child work is critical for your soul’s evolution


☾ Detox symptoms from the eclipse portal and how to honor yourself


☾ Understanding the journey from 3D to 5D consciousness


☾ The Truth about Self Sabotage


☾ How you can begin to unleash your medicine with the world


 ... plus so much more.


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067 | Honoring the Post Eclipse Uplevel

067 | Honoring the Post Eclipse Uplevel