DiscoverThe Alpha Quorum Show068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)
068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)

068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)

Update: 2021-03-25


Men are faced with unique challenges. And many of our failures come from operating with 'boy psychology' instead of the mature and evolved 'man psychology'. We often find ourselves asking what kind of men should we be? There are many perspectives about healthy masculinity and even more widely varying ideas of what it means to be an alpha today. My three alpha guests and I continue six episode series on our review of the book King warrior, magician lover, I Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette. They described the difference between boy psychology and man psychology. If a very effective visual model of healthy manhood by helping guys rediscover the archetypes of mature masculinity. In this episode, we discuss the King.

We're continuing the conversation about this book review and this isn't so much about the book, but just talking about issues related to men. The questions that we're going to answer today are what is the King archetype expressed in its fullness? What are some relatable examples of men living this way? What does it look like when a man is operating from tyrant energy? What does the weakling act like? And how can a man fully access the King energy within himself? This segment is about living life as a man with the energy of a King. One special thing about the King archetype is that he embodies all of the other mature masculine energy. He's also a warrior. He's also a magician. He's a lover. This episode is about leadership. 

In this episode we discuss the archetype of the KING, and the dysfunctional, biploar shadows of the TYRANT and the WEAKLING.

Special quote: 

"In any moment of sadness, loneliness, emptiness, uncertainty, or discomfort,  ask yourself this. 

What does my King say?

The King is that gentle wise loving elder within you, who connects you directly to an all-knowing and all-loving source.

To cultivate him, to know him, ask the question again and again, day in and day out.  Ask it regarding your relationship. Ask it regarding your work. Ask it regarding parenting.

Keep asking until you get an answer. Keep asking until you know your King like a trusted guide and a good friend.

Keep asking until you have confidence that you can stay true to yourself in all moments, when your light is bright and when it is dim.

And when the desire arises to avoid what you fear, fill emptiness, eliminate loneliness, or cling to anything or anyone, ask the question.

You will feel a fullness, a knowing, a wisdom within that was always there but unknown until now.

And once you have cultivated yourself in asking, you will become the all-loving and all-knowing King yourself, with no neurosis, no self-betrayal, and peace within. 

And you will notice he is you and you are him.

So ask yourself now and in the days to come. Make it part of your daily practice. 

What does my King say? 

And listen deeply within." 

(Stuart Motola)

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068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)

068: THE KING - A Review of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (Part 2)

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