068 // Mental Health with Gina Moreno

068 // Mental Health with Gina Moreno

Update: 2022-02-16


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Coming from a hispanic household all the way to a full-time program manager role at Microsoft is definitely not easy. And when you consider that only 2% of the people in tech are women, it gets even more challenging. These life achievements, however, can come along with their own sets of personal and mental struggles.

Today, Gina Moreno elaborates on her life story and struggles as a Latina and first-generation college graduate making the transition from school to the corporate tech world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Gina’s Story as a First Generation American and College Graduate

  • Her Experience Being Active on Social — And the Challenges That Come With It

  • The Two Sides of Social Media: The Consumer’s and the Creator’s Point of View

  • Why Creating Content on a Topic Also Has to Please You, Not Only Your Audience

  • Gina's Struggles Being a Latina in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry

  • The Biggest Challenge for Latinos in the US: The Latino vs. American Cultural Values

  • The Difficult Transition From Student to Professional That’s Often Taken for Granted

  • The Challenges She Faced as a New Grad Entering the Corporate World

  • Why Employers Should Have Support Systems to Help Their Employees…

  • …And Why It’s Also Your Own Responsibility to Go After It If Your Employer Doesn't.

  • Society's Wrong Approach to Mental Health Issues — And the #1 Thing to Do Instead

  • Four Different Ways to Find Support to Overcome Mental Health Issues

  • Non-Technical Things You Can Do on Your Own When Your Mental Health is Declining

  • How to Identify Your “Triggers” That Let You Know Your Mental Health is Slipping

  • How Can We Continue Engineering Our Future?

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068 // Mental Health with Gina Moreno

068 // Mental Health with Gina Moreno

Luis Duque