DiscoverElevating Motherhood069. Body Literacy: Stress & the Nervous System with Dr. Molly Stiens
069. Body Literacy: Stress & the Nervous System with Dr. Molly Stiens

069. Body Literacy: Stress & the Nervous System with Dr. Molly Stiens

Update: 2020-09-27


“Less stress, more trust.”

I’m so glad you’re here to learn more about yourself—body literacy, knowing and understanding how our body works & why + what your body is trying to tell you is so important. Self-awareness is a crucial to our overall health and wellness.

That’s why I’m so excited to introduce you to Dr. Molly Stiens who is here to share her thoughts on body literacy, managing stress, and also insights into the “whys” behind how our body works and how we can work with our bodies just as they are.

We’re going to talk about neuroception, creating a sense of internal safety, ways we can understand our longest nerve, our social engagement system, fight, flight, or freeze instincts, gut feelings and the role our nervous system plays in all of this.

Expand your heart and brain in this episode

Dr. Molly’s Bio: Molly Stiens DC is a mediator in unleashing the healing power of the body, community building enthusiast and encourager of living a radically heart centered life. Dr. Molly holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology & Kinesiology from Pittsburg State University & a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University. Additional certifications include the Webster technique, training with ICPA, in craniosacral work, as a birth Doula & with BIRTHFIT pregnancy & postpartum fitness instruction. Her prayer is that this work will remind all individuals of the inherent power continually working within and around you.

In This Episode Dr. Molly & I Talk About:

· Her journey to becoming a chiropractor and studying what health and wellness can mean outside of “conventional medicine”

· How Beyonce saved her life (listen in for the joke)

· Body literacy

· Teamwork in medical care – partnership with a care provider

· The importance of knowing your body and

· Teaching & life long learning

· Her Health 101 chats

· Community education

· Creating internal safety

· Redefining what it is to be a “teacher” and how we learn

· Vagal nerve – what it is and what it does

· Neuroception

· Fight, flight, or freeze responses

· Nature vs. nurture in relation to the vagal concept

· Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems

· Cortisol in the air right now & how palpable it is

· Ways you can support your unique neurological responses

· How we influence our children’s reactions

· How we keep each other in check

· The importance of self-awareness

· Generational differences

· The role of art, music, & nature

· Oxytocin mediated responses

· Breathwork

· The role of flexibility

· How the pace of modern life is affecting us

· If the cultural push for productivity is serving us

· Balance & expectations – seeking ease & happiness

· Yucky motherhood narratives and how to step out of them

· The impersonal element of life-long learning

· Letting go of perfection

· Finding connection s—within yourself, your family, your community, with nature


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069. Body Literacy: Stress & the Nervous System with Dr. Molly Stiens

069. Body Literacy: Stress & the Nervous System with Dr. Molly Stiens

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