DiscoverYour Music Industry Podcast with Daniel Fish070: Maddy Raven on Burstimo, Artist Branding & Spotify Mistakes
070: Maddy Raven on Burstimo, Artist Branding & Spotify Mistakes

070: Maddy Raven on Burstimo, Artist Branding & Spotify Mistakes

Update: 2020-05-27


After years upon years of learning through being active on the ground of the industry, Maddy Raven found herself frustrated. This energy and perspective lead her to join Alex Jobling in founding Burstimo, a now world leader in music marketing content as well as an agency.

In today’s podcast, we virtually sit down with Maddy to gain some perspective on her journey while also dipping into her wealth of knowledge on music marketing and how to effectively use platforms such as Spotify. While the podcast covers a whole lot, the three main points are around Artist Branding, Spotify Mistakes and turning Listeners into Fans. Tune in today to level-up your understanding of Spotify, Branding and Marking as an artist in the modern music business.

Show notes:

[0:00 ] We gain some perspective on the lockdown life of Maddy and Burstimo

[2:40 ] Maddy learned her craft through actively working in the industry instead of going to university. We dive into her thoughts on formal music education and why she decided to take this route.

[11:04 ] So what actually is Burstimo? Is it just an industry leading podcast? A Youtube channel that offers insane value and insight? Maddy enlightens us to the world of Burstimo.

[13:24 ] What is harder? Breaking an artist or charting? Maddy offers her understanding on which is tougher and the workflow of breaking an artist.

[16:44 ] Alex (Burstimo) recently released a video on his biggest lessons on working in the music industry so we decided to explore Maddy’s own version of this with the biggest things she learnt about the music industry and business.

[18:28 ] What actually is artist branding? Is it just a logo? Maddy offers her understanding of the reality of artist branding.

[21:36 ] What are some mistakes or no-go’s that artists are making on Spotify? Maddy enlightens us all on how we can improve.

[27:00 ] How can you get on Spotify playlists like ‘Discover Weekly’ and ‘Release Radar’?

[28:16 ] Can 'Pre-Save’ help with gaining traction on new releases? Maddy introduces us to the reality of using Pre-Saves to leverage growth

[30:01 ] Can you actually hack the industry and marketing your music? We explore if that is even possible.

[34:51 ] We take the working example of what Maddy would recommend to an artist who has £100 budget to invest in their marketing campaign.

 [41:55 ] What change would Maddy Raven like to see in the music industry in the next 3-5 years?

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070: Maddy Raven on Burstimo, Artist Branding & Spotify Mistakes

070: Maddy Raven on Burstimo, Artist Branding & Spotify Mistakes

Daniel Fish