DiscoverChurch with Jesse Lee Peterson08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men's Conference)
08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men's Conference)

08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men's Conference)

Update: 2021-08-16


Church with Jesse Lee Peterson, Sunday, August 15, 2021 in Orlando, Florida, the day after the BOND 11th annual Men's Conference: (Please bear with us on audio volume issues at this event.) Jesse makes opening comments, and on request does the Silent Prayer with everyone, before taking questions.

An Italian man "prays while going to work." An ex-pothead young woman with children from two fathers sometimes judges herself and gets drunk. There's no such thing as an alcoholic; that's just what you do in darkness. Jesse did not plan his life, or imagine that he'd be doing the work he does.

An intellectual young man questions Jesse's reliance on the Holy Spirit for guidance, since he believes that the Bible is the Word of God. He does not have perfect peace. Toward the end, he talks again, asking about Jesus saying, “Let no man teach you,” in contrast with, “Go and make disciples of all men….”

We talk about Alcoholics Anonymous and the like, doing the Silent Prayer for more than 3 minutes, and judging a Biden-voter father. Katrina from Louisiana and other ladies readily admit that evil comes through women. Many others thank him and share advice and questions. Jesse thanks some of the ladies of BOND who flew out to help us put on the Men's Conference. He also urges that we bring Christianity back, and not let the children of Satan take over the country.

TIME STAMPS (Audio Podcast)
0:00 Welcome to Church
1:27 Men's History Month
7:20 Silent Prayer
17:17 Married Italian on prayer
33:20 She drinks in self-judgment
46:05 Once you wake up
52:45 Intellectual on the Bible
1:01:58 Brian on AA
1:08:10 She prays 3 minutes
1:13:01 Katrina from LA
1:17:07 Pressure from father
1:23:03 Man tells story on prayer
1:27:23 How do you know
1:31:03 Let no man teach you
1:33:34 "Annoying" father
1:39:24 Happy lady
1:44:07 Story: Living example
1:46:19 Truck driver
1:51:41 Did I forgive right?
1:57:10 One more disagreement
2:00:15 Thank yous
2:08:10 Ladies of BOND
2:10:46 Last comments
2:13:14 One last lady
2:26:22 Thank you!


Special Church with Jesse Lee Peterson the day after the Men's Conference in Orlando, Florida — in-person 10:30 AM ET.

Normally, Church with Jesse Lee Peterson is Sunday 11 AM Pacific Time at BOND in Los Angeles, California, USA -

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08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men's Conference)

08/15/21 Church in Orlando, Florida (After Men's Conference)

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