082 - On Curating A Media Diet

082 - On Curating A Media Diet

Update: 2019-07-18


Heyo, Zengineers!

Podcasts are all the rage these days. "What a hip new form of media," they say. "Adam and Brian are so cool for hosting their own podcast." It's true. We're super cool. That's cuz media drives culture. It always has.

This week we're diving into a discussion around media and how to manage a healthy relationship with it in the modern world. For instance, you probably shouldn't only listen to Zengineering Podcast, even though we know you really want to.

In this episode we chase the evolution of media and how it's lead to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and all the other apps we use daily. We talk more about social media than makes Brian comfortable and more than he thinks it deserves to be discussed, but there's a reason. It's the most prolific form of media we've created yet as a species. Stories circle the globe in a matter of minutes.

It was just a few hundred years ago that most people never left their home town. Crazy. We made that up, but maybe it's true. There we go, making media confusing. We talk a bit about media's transition based on our data consumption, and also based on rapidly evolving device technology and constantly refreshing UIs. Then we confront the rise of the algorithms, and the new complexities the world is coming to terms with.

How should we think about incoming ideas in the modern age. How much skepticism is healthy and how much emotion should our media induce? Is mindfulness really as important a concept as some suggest? Who knows? We sure don't, but we're happy to talk at you about it anyway. Is that ok? We think so. We also hope you enjoy the conversation.

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082 - On Curating A Media Diet

082 - On Curating A Media Diet

Brian and Adam