DiscoverThe Sovereign Society Podcast085 | The Truth about Everyday Magic / Bakara Wintner
085 | The Truth about Everyday Magic / Bakara Wintner

085 | The Truth about Everyday Magic / Bakara Wintner

Update: 2019-09-11


These are times where we need the medicine of magic more than ever. Understanding the golden threat between all the religions and mystical teachings around Spirit and the connection between all things, the Golden Era is asking of us to come together rather than separate. With that, we must be willing to listen to these teachings and find the Truth and the love that reigns within these lineages. As a collective of healers, we’ve been clearing through lifetimes and lineages of the conditioning that money is inherently dirty and evil. This is a time in history where we are seeing healers cultivating the idea of conscious capitalism where we can use our money to do great things in the world. 
In this week’s episode, I had the pleasure of having an authentic and real conversation with a soul-babe who gets it. Bakara Winter is the owner of Everyday Magic, author of WTF is Tarot and How Do I Do It?, creatrix of the Wayhome Tarot and Postcards from the Liminal Space Oracle Deck. A Modern Witch and mystic of the Golden Era, this woman is someone who’s seeing the writing on the wall about the shift we as a collective are experiencing. As someone who honors the earth and respects the magical traditions, she’s someone who has no issue telling it like it is. Bearing witness about what’s unfolding in the world, she’s seeing the deep mystical and spiritual truths about how the world is evolving and the revolutionary shift of the world and in this episode, we talk all about it.
In this Episode we talk about...
◆ How to approach magic with open eyes + arms

◆ Discernment in the spiritual world + how to honor your energy

◆ Importance of embracing your shadow and your light

◆ Bridging conscious capitalism + modern mysticism

◆ Why collaboration is the new competition

◆ Rewriting the story about our lineage + the shift we‘re experiencing as a collective

◆ The psychedelic renaissance + how plants are working with us to heal the world

... and so much more.


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085 | The Truth about Everyday Magic / Bakara Wintner

085 | The Truth about Everyday Magic / Bakara Wintner