DiscoverLevel Up! Your Business, Life & Mind09 - INTERVIEW WITH SUNGWON LIM - Founder & CEO of ImpriMed
09 - INTERVIEW WITH SUNGWON LIM - Founder & CEO of ImpriMed

09 - INTERVIEW WITH SUNGWON LIM - Founder & CEO of ImpriMed

Update: 2020-01-29


Sungwon Lim founded ImpriMed on the 4 of may of 2017 (may the 4th be with you) with a strong motivation to innovate a way to help cancer patients who need an effective treatment ‘today', by optimizing and personalizing drug treatment options that are currently available and they help veterinary oncologists to screen the most effective treatment options with 82% prediction accuracy and exclude out non-effective ones with 80% accuracy and now they are providing their service to dogs with cancer with a focus to expand into cats in the near future, so far, they've served 750 dog cancer cases (500 patients in a half year), their service is available for 99 veterinary oncologists at 77 vet hospitals in 26 different states in the US and continuously expanding the client network and service coverage area and successfully raised $4M Seed round from prestigious Silicon Valley VCs and international VCs, and just started to raise our Series A to fast scale up our business to the entire US pet cancer market and also open the Japan market. 

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About Rodrigo Flamenco:

Rodrigo flamenco started in a third world Country called El Salvador in Central America with no idea how to do businesses earning $600 a month on an IT job while on a $20K+ debt. After taking a couple of courses he decided to start his own business called Epic Web Studio, which ended working with many big international brands and over 18+ countries all over the world.

Then an opportunity arrived to start a new business and for 2 years, without a website or even a name, that business won two $30K projects, one $55K project and connected with many of the top professionals and business and founders in the industry of animation. That business is now Frame Freak Studio which is his 100% focus. Now he helps other business (specially tech startups) to get better results through animations and helping professionals in the animation industry through teaching marketing.

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09 - INTERVIEW WITH SUNGWON LIM - Founder & CEO of ImpriMed

09 - INTERVIEW WITH SUNGWON LIM - Founder & CEO of ImpriMed

Rodrigo Flamenco