DiscoverDo It With Dan092. Shannon Parsons "Unicorn Super Vessel"
092. Shannon Parsons "Unicorn Super Vessel"

092. Shannon Parsons "Unicorn Super Vessel"

Update: 2020-06-29


What can we practically do when we have a mental mountain to climb? What are the first steps that everyone can take?

Shannon Parsons is an epically special, “Unicorn Super Vessel” with the most incredible perspective on all things ‘life’. She is an empathetic leader with experience in a unique blend of transformational leadership and a heart-centered delivery structure. Shannon has built herself from the ground up and has worked with top, global organisations as a Trainer, Speaker and Facilitator.

She is now Host of the Secret Knock Women and Co-Host of The Secret Knock. Dubbed “The Secret Weapon” by Senior Executives Greg Reid & Scott Duffy, Shannon has built a strong reputation for delivering behind the scenes and on the stage.

In this podcast she shares lots of incredible, yummy nuggets of truth and empowering advice!! We are SO blessed to have her with us.

Find out more about Shannon here: 

Welcome once again Dreamers, to the Do it with Dan Podcast! The place to truly dream with your eyes open. It's time to expand our experience with some more great discussion on the power of the mind in all things. Whether you want to manifest more wealth, emotional abundance or love in your life; this is the podcast for you.

Dan Mangena is a Transformational Life Coach, Public Speaker and Best Selling Author. This series of podcasts is completely free. They are intended to provide you with the tools you need to live your dreams and experience the abundance you desire right now!

“You honour me by listening in to this show and I thank you. Please allow me to serve you better by letting me know your thoughts with ratings and reviews.” - Dan Mangena


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Music Credit: "The Dreamer", Common

Timestamps of interest:

02:50 - Who is Shannon Parsons?

05:00 - A “Dangent” on giving birth

7:45 - A story about giving it up to “GUS”

11:30 - Shannon on subconscious programming

19:35 - The importance of celebrating our wins

23:10 - How did Shannon get off the ground?

27:00 - How to make a start with limited means AKA: “Opportunity Stacking”

30:10 - The power of being of service.

35:00 - We can complete ourselves









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092. Shannon Parsons "Unicorn Super Vessel"

092. Shannon Parsons "Unicorn Super Vessel"

Daniel Mangena