DiscoverThe Carmen Murray Show - Curious Conversations#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership
#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership

#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership

Update: 2022-03-24


Ironic? How we become old fashioned marketers in modern times.Shortsighted!

Guests in this episode:
Prof Marius Wait University of Johannesburg (UJ)
Dr. Beate Mulder-Stiehler (UJ)
Prof. Mornay Roberts-Lombard(UJ)

Why did we put the theory of Marketing Myopia to bed? Why are we not drilling this into the way we lead with synergy? What is preventing us from becoming marketing visionaries?

Marketing Myopia was expressed in 1960 by Theodore Levitt in the Harvard Business Review. He articulated and used his insight to highlight the short-sighted mindsets of marketers and business leaders. Companies suffered from marketing myopia even prior to the pandemic by using tactics rather than strategy. Today, this erupted into a serious concern in the post-pandemic world where we are witnessing the rise of Digital Marketing Myopia: Creating content debris and increasing digital pollution and being ignorant to assess the present, the future, and the evolving customers and to adapt to their needs and this results in big concerns for the marketing industry as a whole. NOW: we realise Marketing Myopia is far bigger than we could ever imagine.

Unpacking the rise of marketing myopia (Culture, Strategy, Brand, Sales, Green, Digital) They are all shattering our industry, not just a brand.

The University of Johannesburg- Marketing Department unpacks this conversation with Carmen Murray. Deep insights into something far bigger we could imagine?

Want to become a visionary in Marketing and lead a business to success? This is where authentic, logical, and connected conversations begin. Experts vs Experts.

Carmen Murray Communications (CMC):
Founder Carmen Murray, Award-winning digital analyst, content specialist, and multiple podcast host. CMC is a data-driven, content marketing business conceptualising Freakishly Effective Continent. A little offbeat, but always on point. University of Johannesburg | Marketing Management · Carmen Murray
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#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership

#095 Marketing Myopia: Deadliest sin of Leadership

Carmen Murray