#096 Obsolete Communication 
Devices and Gadgets

#096 Obsolete Communication 
Devices and Gadgets

Update: 2019-07-184


Speaking English is easier than it seems! You just have to use the right material and techniques.

Today we are going to be a bit nostalgic, and talk about some communication devices and gadgets that still exist nowadays, but are obsolete.

Let’s start!

Fax machine
How did we share documents and letters before the email existed?
Although many people sent a telegram or a letter, there was another device that we used, particularly in the professional field. Yes. I'm talking about the fax machine.

While some companies still use fax machines, no one has one of those machines at home. I guess we prefer to use an email because it's faster, takes up no space and it's free.

Nowadays, you can still send a fax without a fax machine. You only need to use your computer or a smartphone, because there are websites that offer this service.

And by the way, you'll be surprised to know that people still send telegrams.

No. I'm not referring to the Telegram Messenger app.
You can send a telegram the old fashioned way or even online.

How about landline phones? Do you still have one of those at home?
I can’t even remember when was the last time I had one of those. It was definitely a long time ago.

The landlines had no high-definition color display, no camera, and no Internet connection. They had a long cord so people could move it around the house. But that was inconvenient. I remember my landline phone was wireless and had a small black and white screen.

I was happy to move around the house without a cord, but it was a bulky phone, and the battery didn't last long.
I just know that I’m grateful to have a smartphone now. :)


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Nestor W Neto - Segurança do Trabalho

You is fantastic Giorgiana ;) Thank you for your existence

Jul 19th

Mojtaba Reyhani

With Georgiana's "SPEAK ENGLISH NOW!" Podcast I have an audio specifically designed to simulate a conversation, Georgiana's method is different, natural and very effective way to learn to speak English automatically and without much effort.  A successful method that I named it "Focusing on Consolidation", It grant me needful confident to talk from day one. I appreciate and thankful for all of your efforts, Thank you so much Georgiana.

Jul 18th








#096 Obsolete Communication 
Devices and Gadgets

#096 Obsolete Communication 
Devices and Gadgets